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We offer the following accounting services :

  • Preparation service

  • Preparing payroll reports

  • Preparing annual W-2s and 1099s 

  • Paying bills, making deposits and monitoring investments


After over 30 years of auditing and 11 peer reviews we have decided to take off the green eye shade, put down the pencil and discontinue auditing. We will truly miss interacting with all the wonderful people we have met and worked with over the years.


We offer the following taxation services:

Tax services involve planning, documentation, preparation and defending.

Planning is done on a proactive basis to create a course of action based upon individual needs and to avoid and solve problems, not create them.

Documentation is done to provide an understanding of positions taken and a framework for presentation of position with IRS.

Preparation of the following returns:

  • Individual - 1040

  • Corporate - 1120 and 1120S

  • Partnership - 1065

  • Trust - 1041

  • State returns

  • Franchise, sales, and payroll tax returns

Defending is done through the successful handling of IRS correspondence and audits.


We offer the following consultation services:

  • Budgeting and Planning

    • Establishing

    • Monitoring

  • Banking

    • Assistance with obtaining financing

    • Negotiating

  • Financial Information

    • Design

    • Monitor

    • Ratio analysis

    • Historical comparisons​

    • Personal matters

  • Assistance with estate planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Consultation during mergers and acquisitions

  • Interfacing with bankers and attorneys

  • Investment strategy and monitoring

  • Business planning and consulting

  • Help with paper overload

  • Help with filing

  • Pay bills

  • Be an advocate

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